Cyclister website launches as the ‘Airbnb of bikes’

Danish website Cyclister is hoping to become the 'Airbnb of bicycles,' with people offering their rides to visitors and tourists.

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Would you be willing to lend your bike to a stranger for a day?

Danish company Cyclister is hoping to cash in on the sharing market, accentuated in recent years by property-sharing site Airbnb, by enlisting people to rent their bikes to visitors and tourists.

The company launched in Copenhagen six weeks ago with a database of around 300 bikes available for tourists to borrow for around £9.50 per day.

“Denmark is the perfect place to start,” co-founder David Paag said. “It’s the bike capital of the world, and 25 per cent of all tourists actually rent a bike.”

The price compares favourably to those charged by rental companies such as Rent A Bike Copenhagen, who charge 95 Krone (around £10) for the first day of rental, and 45 Krone for subsequent days.

As well as people willing to lend their bikes to the service, Cyclister are looking for investors to help expand the service, with the goal to have 5,000 bikes available in Denmark by February.

In the six years since its launch in 2008, Airbnb has attracted over 800,000 listings in 33,000 cities across the world, so Cyclister have some way to go to match that success.

But in their competition with city rental companies, Cyclister may have the upper hand in the long run, with the ability to offer all sorts of bikes – from racers to tandem, and even ones with child trailers.

Source: PCWorld