‘Cyclists are the chosen people, motorists are a cash cow’, claims UKIP election leaflet

A leaflet distributed to residents in Newcastle by UKIP blasts the council's decision to spend money on improving cycling infrastructure

Prospective UKIP MPs in Newcastle describe cyclists as ‘the chosen people’ in a four-page leaflet delivered to residents this week, claiming spending money on cycling improvements is to the detriment of other citizens.

Daniel Thompson (Newcastle Central), David Robinson Young (Newcastle East) and Tim Marron (Newcastle North) put their names to the leaflet, which criticises the schemes planned for the Government grant obtained by the city.

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With several new cycle lanes planned in the area, UKIP claims the project could cost “at least £10,000 per cyclist” and that spending money on cyclists discriminates against those who do not ride.

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Part of the leaflet reads: “Cyclists are the chosen people, motorists are simply a cash cow and have very few rights.

“How many elderly ladies will get on their bikes on a dark December night in Newcastle? Not many. Surely giving all the rights to cyclists, who are usually young people, is discrimination against the elderly and infirm?”

The leaflet concludes: “Just because they receive a Government grant doesn’t mean they have to spend it. It only makes work for Council employees to the detriment of the citizens of Newcastle.”

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The three UKIP candidates will all have to overcome incumbent Labour MPs, with Newcastle Central’s Chi Onwurah holding a 7,466 majority from the 2010 election.

While the party didn’t manage to win any seats in last May’s local elections in Newcastle, its candidates did come second in the majority of seats contested and won a single MEP seat.

It’s not the first time the party has used cycling in their election propaganda, with the party distancing itself from a candidate in Leicestershire’s plan to force cyclists to ride on the pavement.