Cyclists most likely to vote Liberal Democrats, according to research

Research by the British Heart Foundation found that cyclists are most likely to be emotionally stable and vote liberal

If cycling is one of your main form of exercise, the chances are you’re emotionally stable, laid back and unlikely to be affected by stress, according to research by the British Heart Foundation.

Cyclists are also most likely to vote for the Liberal Democrats, apparently, and been described as one of the most materialistic of all the exercise groups.

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Walkers and yoga enthusiasts, however, are among the least materialistic, which is unsurprising, given the lack of materials actually needed to pursue such activities.

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Runners, on the other hand, are described as extroverts, who love to be the centre of attention; both traits which lead them to vote for Labour, apparently.

And who is likely to vote for the Tories? Gym-goers, that’s who. The research shows that those who attend a gym on a regular basis are most likely to read the Sun newspaper and are one of the happiest groups. Presumably those two traits are unrelated.

Those people who practise Yoga are most likely to vote for the Green party and are described as conscientious and agreeable.

The research was carried out by Mindlab, using 2,000 adults from across the UK. Of those quizzed, 61 per cent wanted to take part in a challenge for charity, with those respondants spanning the different sporting categories.

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Tristam Jones, Head of Events at the BHF, adds: “This research highlights some interesting differences in the types of people who choose to take on different sports challenges.

“It’s great to see that so many people want to take on a challenge for charity and with over 70 events, in all areas across the UK and overseas we can cater for every sports personality and at every level.

“Whether you hope to run, cycle, swim or walk towards victory over heart disease we have an event for you, so sign up now and join the fight.”

Find a BHF event for you at their dedicated website.