Cyclist wishes van driver ‘happy Wednesday’ after being knocked down (video)

Alleycat-racing film maker Lucas Brunelle wishes the van driver who knocked him off his bike a good day, rounding off a dramatic week for the rider.

Few cyclists would wish a driver a happy day after they just knocked them off their bike, but American alleycat-racing film maker Lucas Brunelle took the tumble in his stride.

After being right-hooked by a van in his home town of Boston, Brunelle hit the tarmac, skidding to a halt and ending up on his feet on the pavement.

After some expletives when he sees the van is about to turn, the rider is remarkably calm about the affair, wishing the driver a ‘happy Wednesday’ before cycling off.

It appears Brunelle is no stranger to collisions on the road. On Friday (November 7) he admitted to jumping a red light and hitting a pedestrian, who was taken to hospital with head injuries.

The Boston Globe report that Brunelle claims he was then assaulted by a taxi driver who he had asked to help after the incident, with witnesses saying the driver punched Brunelle in the face and continuing to attack him.

Jogger James Kidd told CBS Boston: “The taxi driver was on the ground on top of the biker just pummelling his face into the ground. There was blood everywhere.”

Brunelle is well known for his alleycat racing videos and was riding with friends when he jumped the red light.

At an arraignment hearing on Monday, the taxi driver was set bail of $1,000 and is due back in court on December 10.

Sources: Boston Globe/CBS Boston