Famous last words: Jacob Tipper

Bread-lover and KTM rider Jacob Tipper, 22, lounges around like 
a sloth, yearning for someone to invent sun-permeable clothes

I’m like a kid without his ADHD 
medication after a few days of not exercising. I reach a point of having too much energy. I need to keep active, and my bike is the best way for me to release that energy. Is it too clichéd to say I couldn’t live without my bikes?

I wish someone would invent cycling clothing where you can tan through the jersey and shorts. I tan particularly well and get bad tan lines. It’s fine when I’m cycling but when I’m on a night out and I’m wearing a T-shirt with sleeves a bit too short, everyone thinks I’ve been hitting the sunbed.

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I live in a good area of Dudley, even if it has got a rough reputation. We are all proud of our Black Country heritage. Birmingham and Wolverhampton are only eight miles away, offering the city life, yet the countryside is 
on my doorstep, including the Shropshire Hills and Severn Valley, which is very good for riding. I’m 
fortunate, location-wise.

I’m quite nerdy now, reading a lot of cycling scientific textbooks. David Epstein’s The Sports Gene is the book I’m reading right now. It entertains 
me. I just wish I [read more] while I 
was first at uni; you could say I’m quite boring now.

I thoroughly enjoyed uni but it was hard combining cycling with the drinking culture. It’s hard when you’re drinking and then, in the winter, don’t feel like riding till 5pm and it’s dark by then. You don’t feel like getting on the turbo in the student halls when everyone else is already drinking for the next night.

I have got a lot of 
embarrassing stories 
involving myself that 
I don’t fancy sharing with Cycling Weekly! I won’t go 
into any detail.

I neglected my studies in the first two years but I pulled it out of the bag in the end. If I did it again, I’d make more use of the time available to cycle.

A lot of my mates have been 
travelling around Europe, and 
one has just come back from 
India. Travelling is attractive 
to me more now but it’s hard to 
fit it in with my cycling because 
you can’t be off the bike for a lot of time. But I’m lucky that I go to a lot 
of different places with my cycling 
and I still do get the chance to have 
a look around.

Bread is my food of weakness. I love it. I could literally survive off just bread. I eat far too much of it. I love a fresh bakery. I can’t help snacking on it.

When I’m not cycling, I’m like a sloth. It’s the best way to describe myself, just lounging around. Sloths are cool, chilled and do nothing.

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