Is this the most offensive anti-cycling ad yet?

The advert, which appeared in Taxi magazine, appears to show a cyclist on the ground after being hit by a black cab

Taxi ad

A taxi insurance advert showing a cyclist lying on the floor, apparently having been hit a black cab, has been branded ‘inflammatory’ and ‘in bad taste’.

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The advert, by Westminster Insurance, which appeared in Taxi, the London Taxi Drivers Association’s members magazine, last year, shows a man dressed as a barrister pointing at the cyclist while he lays on the floor in front of the vehicle.

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Personal injury lawyer specialising in cycling injuries, Paul Kitson, of Slater & Gordon, said the ad is in poor taste, and fuels a two tribes mentality.

Kitson said: “Cyclists and taxi drivers often don’t enjoy a good relationship on the roads and it fuels the mentality of blame and ‘two tribes’ and I thought it in rather bad taste. The guy on the ground has been hit by a taxi, and the driver and a man dressed as a barrister are pointing at him rather than saying: ‘are you alright?’, which is bad form really.”

He pointed out camera evidence is helpful in establishing what actually happened following a collision, information which can be invaluable in both criminal and civil courts.

He added: “There are better ways of encouraging people to take evidence, rather than using an inflammatory advert like this.”

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Sam Jones, CTC Campaigns Coordinator, said: “While the poster appears bias and discriminatory on multiple levels, the reality is that a camera can convict either party. It is sad that cyclists and drivers feel the need to resort to cameras for want of better road policing, which CTC strongly supports through our Road Justice Campaign.”

A spokesman for Taxi said he is unable to comment on whether or not it will appear in the magazine again.

Westminster Insurance did not respond to a request for comment.