Just one in six MPs supports cycling

The CTC contacted Prospective Parliamentary Candidates to gauge their support for cycling, with disappointing results

If the number of replies is representative of the support for cycling, then barely a sixth of recently elected MPs have pledged to support cycling.

Out of 3,286 Prospective Parliamentary Candidates (PPCs) contacted, 1,058 responded to CTC’s Vote Bike campaign during the General Election, a survey from the UK’s largest cycling charity intended to get would-be politicians committed to improving cycling.

Of those elected, only 114 MPs backed cycling – just about one in six of those who will occupy the benches in the House of Commons.

The CTC wrote to all PPCs to gauge their stance on cycling infrastructure, funding, and ambition for growth, road safety and positive promotion. Voters could also send reminders to their local PPCs, with the charity reporting that 22 per cent of candidates were ‘strongly in favour of cycling’.

But that number does not equal the support in the now-confirmed Parliament and considering that the Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy was introduced towards the end of the last Parliament, this figure signals that there is still a lot to do make cycling a national issue.

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“It’s now down to our new MPs and Prime Minister to deliver on the spending and other Vote Bike commitments they made to their constituents. This is vital if we are to at last start to Get Britain Cycling,” Roger Geffen, CTC Campaigns & Policy Director commented.

Praising the Prime Minister, David Cameron, for voicing his support for cycling, the charity was upbeat about the future of cycling in the country.

Mr Geffen added: “Following the announcement of a Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy at the end of the last parliament, the future of cycling is looking much more positive.”