Richmond Park cyclists be warned, Putney has already exceeded its annual pollution limit

Putney High Street breached annual limits just eight days into 2016

Putney High Street in South West London this morning became the first place in the capital to exceed EU limits on air pollution in 2016.

The objectives stipulate that there must not be more than 18 hours in a whole year in which the upper limit for nitrogen dioxide concentration is passed.

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During the morning rush hour on January 8 the testing station on Putney High Street recorded its 19th hour, according to London Air.

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Putney is close to popular cycling destination Richmond Park and is en route for the majority of London-based riders. The road is also a key cycle commuting route in and out of Central London from the South West suburbs and parts of Surrey.

Further, the road forms part of the RideLondon route, when thousands of cyclists make the most of the closed roads in parts of London and Surrey.

London Air points out that Oxford Street, which last year reached its legal annual limit in just two days, gets the most attention but it is main roads such as the one through Putney that are regularly breaching their legal pollution limits.