WITHOUT Ivan Basso, CSC must consider their options. Bet they wish they?d brought Fabian Cancellera now.

Bjarne, the choice is yours:

1 ? See what Dave Z can do.

He?ll be one of the favourites to win the time trial at Rennes on Saturday and could even be in in yellow when the race enters the Pyrenees. Is this the time to see how far Zabriskie (pictured) can go?

2 ? Place faith in Julich and Vandevelde

Two steady mountain domestiques are left leaderless but could, with a bit of luck and the best three weeks of their lives, do a good ride overall.

3 ? Let Jens off the leash

Voigt loves to attack. He just can?t help himself and he?s good value for a stage win or two.

4 ? Go for green with Stuey

O?Grady had to pledge his support to Basso or risk his place in the Tour team.

5 ? Stick to Plan A with Sastre as the leader

The super-domestique prepared to ride himself into the ground for Basso may be about to find out if he?s leadership material. Good enough in the mountains to challenge but he?s no Landis or Hincapie against the clock.