LOCOG decided over charges for Box Hill?

The London Organising Committee for the Olympic Games (LOCOG) could be set to charge for tickets for access to the managed areas of Box Hill for the Olympic Games road races, CW can reveal.

In a newsletter distributed by ‘Go Surrey’ to residents and business along the course in Surrey, recipients are told that “spectators will have the chance to purchase tickets to watch the event on the Zig Zag Road incline and Donkey Green on Box Hill.”

“The rest of the Box Hill loop is free for spectators to view,” continues the newsletter.

LOCOG had so far maintained that no decision had yet been made regarding possible costs for the tickets, which are expected to be made available to the public with the next tranche of Olympic tickets in April.

However, the evidence suggests the decision may have already been made.

Joe Sanders from Go Surrey, part of Surrey County Council, told CW that his organisation was not responsible for ticketing but that he was under the impression tickets would be chargeable.

“We had a briefing a few days ago from our organisation and logistics team, and the impression I got was that they were chargeable,” he said.

Fran Edwards from LOCOG responded to the claims.

“We haven’t taken a final decision about whether to charge or not,” she maintained, “although we expect to announce a decision very soon.”

LOCOG recently announced that up to 15,000 spectators would be allowed access to the managed areas of the hill, which forms the crux of the men’s and women’s road races. following outrage when just 3,400 were allowed for the London-Surrey Cycle Classic last August.

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