Fans of last year?s Cyclepassion calendar – featuring a selection of female models wearing not much in the way of clothing posing with bicycles – will rejoice at the news that a 2007 version has just been launched.

Next year?s calendar is a much more ambitious project. The photographers took their cameras and models off to several locations around the world to take the shots, including the Giro d?Italia. The results are stunning.

The original Cyclepassion calendar was the idea of Anke Wilken, a self-confessed bike widow who wanted to inject some feminine ?passion and beauty? into the male-dominated world of cycling. Can?t argue with that.

In the UK, you can buy the calendar through Chain Reaction Cycles (, Prendas Ciclismo ( or Pro Bike Kit ( Alterantively, you can purchase a copy from the calendar?s dedicated website: