Do you need a bike with built in carbon-fibre mudguards?

Stebles Bikes currently searcing for funding to put unique machine into production

Fed up of plastic clip-on mudguards that were a nightmare to fit and keep rubbing on your tyres, then you may well be interested in the Stebles Bikes’ new machine, a unique bike that includes carbon-fibre mudguards that are built in to the design.

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According to company founder Mark Stebles, “the design separates the rider from the terrain surface and anything that may fly off the tyres, while also helping to keep the drive train running freely in all conditions.

“The unique design of frame and forks covers the wheels to protect the rider from tyre spray, while shielding the most vulnerable part of the chain where it picks up the most debris from tyre spray. The cover shapes form a structural frame to support the wheels eliminating the need for a traditional tubular frame.”

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Stebles was exhibiting a 3D printed prototype of his bike at the London Bike Show last week, and is looking for funding to put the bike into production, and is £1,700 towards his £30,000 target.

This money will go towards taking the computer-aided design drawings and using them to create the CNC moulds that will be needed to shape the frame. Once complete, these moulds will allow Stebles to make his dream bike a reality.

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