Perhaps we?re getting a little ahead of ourselves, but we would like you to help us choose bikes for this summer?s Race Bike of the Year test.

As you?d expect, there are a few rules as to which bikes we source, we don?t want to re-test any of the former Race Bike machines ? there?s just no point in testing a different colour option but the same frame. Custom geometry bikes aren?t included because we want all readers to be able to get an equivalent ride to the one we test, regardless of their size.

Being the fifth year of RBOTY, you?re probably well aware of the format, which culminates in the eight bikes being taken off to foreign climes and put through their their paces and ? all-importantly ? ridden back to back by highly experienced bike testers until one is declared the best of the best.

And by way of reminder there have been some very notable winners. Over the years, we?ve had the Colnago C40, Time VXRS, Look 585 and last year we found the Parlee Z3 to be the best of the bunch.

If you want to get involved go to our Forum section and put your thoughts down.

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