This is the wallet-wincing bike build you’ll need to cycle across the South Pole

Fancy riding across the Arctic? This is the $20,000 Titanium bike that you'll need to do it

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This behemoth of a bike is the machine that you’d need to cycle 750 miles across the cold polar landscape. Or at least, that’s what Hank Van Weelden hopes.

The 50 year old plans on cycling from the South Pole to the Antarctic coast – a journey he reckons will take 30 days.

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As you’d expect, the $20,000 (£15,700) bike is not a normal beast.

Topping its unusual components list are its 4 wheels. It’s Equipped with two five and a half inch wheels front and back, all of which are ran at two PSI.

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Then there’s the unconventional drive chain. The bike has an 18 speed pinion gear box which, Van Weelden reckons, will give him more range than a mountain biker with a triple setup.

What’s more, the hub is positioned between the two rear wheels for added wheel strength.

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Not having to dish a wheel as is usual with an asymmetric drive chain means the wheels should be stronger and hopefully more likely to last the distance.

Plus, it has the added advantage of keeping the drive chain out of the snow and ice.

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That’s not all, either. The frame is a custom Titanium build for added strength, and it features a rigid tow bar. Allowing Hank to drag the necessary supplies for the 30 day trip behind him.

Altogether, the full build weighs a whopping 60+ pounds – now that’s a fat bike.