Improve safety with the Hidemybell out front computer mount

Ever thought about using a bell but been put off by the thought of it clogging up your bars? The Hidemybell which incorporates a bell in an out front computer mount could be the answer

Thanks to Hidemybell you now you have no excuse to allow aesthetics prevent you from using a bell. Hidemybell, which has just launched on Kickstarter, is designed with one main purpose – to integrate a bell into your out-front cycling computer mount.

hidemybell 2

The bell sits beneath your cycling computer (Photo: Hidemybell)

Inventor Mathijs Wagenaar was driven to develop the Hidemybell after a ride when he forgot to mount his bell. He didn’t like having to shout to inform people that he was approaching.

As you can see from the design picture below the mount is designed to accomodate a wide variation of cycling copmputers with the finger activated bell (no need for batteries) on the underside of the mount.

hidemybell design

The design is said to be battery free and fits all Garmin Edge products along with Mio and the Wahoo RFLKT (Photo: Hidemybell)

The main advantages of the bell fitting to the underside of the mount is that you can still clearly see your Garmin or other cycling computer device and the bell is hidden out of view save for the activation arm.

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hidemybell 3

The Hidemybell is said to fit all Garmin Edge products (Photo: Hidemybell)

In addition to Hidemybell not needing a battery it is said to weigh only 45g; the mount has a titlting point; it is made from high-end polymer so should last; and importantly it is said to be compatible with all  all Garmin Edge models along with Mio and Wahoo RFLKT.

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Hidemybell says that if it receives enough support on Kickstarter it hopes to have the finished products ready at the end of October/start of November.

We can’t give it a ringing endorsement just yet but it does seem a good idea.