Now it’s cheaper to ride like Cipo

UK importer Paligap takes hundreds of pounds off the price of Cipollini framesets

Mario Cipollini has always been known for his flamboyance and that’s carried over into the bikes which bear his name, which are definitely built for the racer. They’ve been an expensive option too until now, but UK importer Paligap has recently announced a decrease in price for 2016, putting UK prices in line with European ones.

New NK1K aero frame has an adjustable seatpost

New NK1K aero frame has an adjustable seatpost

The new NK1K is the top of the Cipollini range. It’s an aero frameset with a RRP of £4200. As well as a conventional rim braked option, the frame is also available with conventional or flat mount disc brake stubs. Cipollini quotes a weight for the unpainted size M frame of 1150g. There are seven sizes available with effective top tube lengths between 504mm and 590mm and there’s an adjustable seatpost rather than the seatmast found on some of Cipollini’s other frames.

Paligap imports the frames only, rather than the full bike options which are available on the Continent. The road bike range starts with the Bond frameset, which is now priced at £2300, a saving of £300 on the 2015 price. The RB800 frameset is now £2800 as against £3400 last year and the RB1000 is £3500 against £4350.

Always the showman, there’s a video of Cipo designing – sort of – the NK1K frame here.

The NKTT time trial frame, which was formerly called the Nuke, had gone down in price by £900 to £6000, whilst the track version – the NKTR – comes down to £5200.

There are also new colours for some of the frames, including new camo versions of the Bond and RB1000 frames while the MyCipollini option allows you to specify your own frame colour scheme and upload graphics files too. The camo option raises the price by £400, while specifying your own frame colour adds £500.