Previously its deepest wheel was the DV46 at just 46mm, one of the best aero performing wheels on the market, but now Reynolds will increase its appeal with the SDV66 T (Super Deep-V).

Boasting a deeper 66mm tubular rim with the same design as the DV46, it uses a symmetrical aerofoil shape that is recognised by the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA) as having one of the lowest drag coefficients.

Spoke count will mimic the remainder of the range with 16 radial DT Aerolite spokes in the front and 20 in the rear with a radial non-drive side and two-cross drive-side pattern. The new deeper rim also allows a shorter spoke length and therefore less drag, increasing the wheel?s efficiency.

Smooth running of the wheels will remain with Reynolds? specifically designed DT Swiss 240S front and rear hubs. Combining Reynolds? light carbon rim and DT hubs has resulted in an impressive weight of 1,350g for the pair with a price of £1,299. A SDV66 C (clincher) version is also available weighing in at 1,650g and costing £1,599.

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