Tesco mini LED bike lights

When popping into my local Tesco for a loaf of bread, I found these mini LED bike lights among the supermarket’s Active Equipment section.

Sold singly, as either front (white) or rear (red), each unit comes with a single LED, three light modes (fast flash, slow flash, steady) and two straps for attaching the light to handlebar or your arm.

The single LED is very bright, and when in fast flashing mode is really eye-catching. You’d probably not want to use them as your sole bike lights, but as supplementary units or as a ‘get you home’ emergency set they are ideal.

The Velcro straps are highly adjustable, and also make the lights easy to remove and slip into a pocket when you are, say, leaving your bike outside whilst popping into your local Tesco for a loaf of bread.

The units look very similar to branded bike lights from a well-known manufacturer. My Tesco store had them for £3.91 each, making them something of a bargain.


tesco LED bike lights