Three new Nikon KeyMission action cameras let you see the world from different angles

Three KeyMission action cameras launched by Nikon with fields of view up to 360 degrees

Nikon’s new action camera range comprises the KeyMission 360, KeyMission 170 and KeyMission 80. The model numbers refer to the cameras’ different lens angles.

Top of the tree is the KeyMission 360. This was announced earlier this year in Las Vegas, and has now been released for sale.

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It records 4k/24p 360 degree video to allow virtual reality video recording, using a lens mounted on either side of the camera’s body.

The camera itself weighs around 180g, so although it’s not light it’s wearable on top of a helmet.

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KeyMission 360 shoots 360 degrees for virtual reality video

KeyMission 360 shoots 360 degrees for virtual reality video

It’s waterproof to 30m, shockproof to 2m, dustproof and works down to -10C. It also has vibration damping and is compatible with Nikon’s SnapBridge 360/170 smartphone/tablet app and KeyMission 360/170 computer recording and editing software. Price for the KeyMission 360 is £419.99.

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KeyMission 170

Nikon says that the KeyMission 170 is easy and intuitive to use

The KeyMission 170 is another high definition camera, supporting 4K/30p. Its 170 degree shooting angle gives ultra-wide angle footage.

Waterproof to 10 metres, a waterproof case can be bought to increase this to 40m. It’s also shockproof and dustproof.

It’s designed to be compact enough to attach to clothing and kit and to be simple to use. There are a range of shooting modes including Add Slow Motion, Movie + Photo, Superlapse Movie, Loop Recording, and Time-lapse Movie. It’s priced at £329.99.

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KeyMission 80

KeyMission 80 is designed for quick availability to capture action

Finally, the £249.99 KeyMission 80 is designed to be tough and used to quickly shoot stills and movies. It’s very slim at 15mm deep and has a rear-facing camera in addition to the primary lens and a built-in LCD monitor.

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You get some mounting options included with the cameras and Nikon also has a range of optional mounts to increase the cameras’ versatility.

At the launch event at London’s Science Museum, Nikon was showing off virtual reality and other field footage shot on the new cameras.

Projected onto the museum’s Imax screen, the image quality was impressive and the immersive quality of the 360 degree video viewed through a VR headset was equally good.

Full details of Nikon’s action cam range on its website. We’ve a KeyMission 360 in for test at the moment. Watch out for our review in Cycling Weekly.