With such a super star on board it can hardly come as a surprise that Time has released a Boonen replica bike. In fact it?s not so much of a replica as a sister bike since Time has given exactly the same bike to Tom for his Tour de France campaign.

At the heart of the machine is the current Ulteam bike as ridden by all the top names on the squad. Literally the only change to Tom?s bike and the replica?s is the addition of the world championship paint job. The standard Ulteam costs £2,650 for the module and Time are charging just an extra £50 for the Boonen version.

As regular readers will already be aware Time offer there bikes not as simple framesets but as ?modules? meaning that you get the frame, headset, forks, stem, integrated seatpost and a bottle cage as a package.

With the smallest and largest frame sizes deleted in the replica version you can choose from an extra small to extra large (five sizes).

Numbers will be strictly limited and RJ Chicken, Time?s UK importer, are expecting about 30 modules which are already selling out fast despite the fact that they won?t be available until the end of June. If you fancy one you?ll need to place a deposit with your local Time dealer ASAFP, call RJ Chicken Sons on 01582 872202 to find said dealer.