Since the launch of its Tula Aero Bars, USE is now focusing on aerodynamics when designing its products.

With a teardrop design not too dissimilar to the aerofoil shape of the Tula, USE has given a more aero touch to its famous Spin Stix. Continuing with the ?Double Start? thread featured on previous versions, tightening the skewer requires the lever to be spun instead of using a conventional cam design.

This is where the thread has a slight taper, allowing the skewer to be tightened half a turn quicker than a conventional thread.

With the lever CNC-machined from 7075, the Spin Stix weigh in at 55g and 80g, with titanium or stainless steel rods, respectively. They are available in black, red, silver or blue, at around £39.99 for the titanium version and £10 less for the stainless.

Contact: USE 01798 344477,