Warning of fake FSA cycle components

FSA's British distributor Windwave warns that fake and potentially dangerous FSA components have become available via the internet

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Potentially dangerous fake FSA cycle components are for sale on the internet, the manufacturer’s UK distributor Windwave has warned.

Windwave posted up a photograph on its Facebook page on Wednesday of a snapped fake FSA seatpost bought from online auction site eBay.

Rather than being constructed of all-carbon-fibre, the fake post has an internal tube of glass fibre wrapped in carbon-fibre to make it look like the genuine article. However, as you can see, the post has snapped where it meets the saddle clamp. We probably don’t need to point out the painful injury that this could cause.

The incidence of fake cycling components and frames making their way for sale in the UK via the internet appears to be rising. The components may look identical to their genuine counterparts but are invariably of an inferior quality.

If you buy fake goods, there will also be no comeback if there is a failure from the genuine company’s distributor. Buy fake, and you’re on your own.

If you see an item being sold as new for a hugely discounted price on an auction site the chances are that it is literally too good to be true.