Orbea launches Kemen and Kemen SUV city ebikes with up to five hours of pedalling range

An integrated battery reduces weight and refines the looks; for extra range there's the option of an additional external pack.

Image shows riders on the Orbea Kemen.
(Image credit: Orbea)

Orbea has added to its city bike range with two new aluminium ebikes, the Kemen and Kemen SUV, that come with integrated batteries and cable routing, as well as racks for easily carrying loads. 

The Kemen is Orbea’s city-focused bike that has been designed for comfort, comes with 2.25” tyres and incorporates a lightweight rack for carrying up to 18kg and transporting what you need around the city. To ensure you don’t get wet or dirty in more miserable conditions, it also comes equipped with long mudguards.

Image shows rider on the Orbea Kemen in the city.

(Image credit: Orbea)

The Kemen SUV, in contrast, is geared more towards adventure, with aggressive and slightly wider 2.35” tyres as well as a rack that’s suitable for heavier loads and rougher roads. This rack has a shorter and wider design than the Kemen’s, and supports loads up to 27kg – which compares well against some of the best racks we've reviewed. The Kemen SUV can also support a baby seat.

Image shows Orbea Kemen SUV with baby seat attached.

(Image credit: Orbea)

Orbea has designed both the Kemen and Kemen SUV around Shimano’s EP8 motor which has 85Nm of torque, and this is paired with an integrated 540 Wh battery that has a claimed duration of up to five hours of pedalling.

Image shows the motor on the Orbea Kemen.

(Image credit: Orbea)

“The battery’s interior is comprised of 21-700 cells that optimise energy density,” says Orbea. “In other words, it houses more energy in less volume.”

Kemen and Kemen SUV also come with the option of mounting a 252 Wh range extender – a functionally that we've seen in some of the best e-bikes on the market.

To charge both batteries, the internal battery or the range extender, Orbea’s smart charger can be used. “This charger extends the life of the battery up to 30% by adapting the charge to 2 or 4 amps based on different factors such as temperature, the state of the cells or the number of charge cycles consumed,” the brand claims.

Image shows battery on the Orbea Kemen.

(Image credit: Orbea)

Both models are city ebikes and so Orbea has designed both to provide a comfortable and stable position, with easy and intuitive handling.  

Image shows Orbea Kemen with Top Bar.

(Image credit: Orbea)

Orbea is offering the Kemen and Kemen SUV with the top tube in two different positions. “The Top Bar version is designed to offer maximum frame stiffness, ideal for the roughest trails and heaviest loads,” says Orbea, while “the Mid Bar frame makes life much easier when the bike is fully loaded, while improving accessibility to the bike.” 

Image shows Orbea with Mid Bar.

(Image credit: Orbea)

At the heart of each model is an aluminium frame that has been manufactured through Orbea’s hydroforming process and uses triple butted tubing. “The wall thickness is perfected at specific points of the frame to reduce weight and reinforce any areas subject to greater tension,” says the brand.

The integrated battery looks sleek, as does the integrated cable routing at the front end. The display and control cable are routed inside the handlebar, while the brake wiring is routed through a cover on the stem.

Image shows Orbea Kemen with front light.

(Image credit: Orbea)

To aid visibility while riding along city streets, both versions include lights at the front and rear. This rear light also emits more lumens when braking to warn drivers of your actions – a functionality that is becoming increasingly common across the best bike lights.

The Kemen also comes standard with a kickstand that’s said to be strong enough to support the bike even when loaded. 

Image shows Orbea Kemen with kickstand.

(Image credit: Orbea)

All the Kemen models feature Shimano’s Linkglide drivetrains, which Orbea describes as “use-specific drivetrains for this style of bike, where smooth shifting and durable components are prioritised over other factors like the weight or shifting speed of the gears”. 

The frame comes with a standard lifetime warranty.

The Top Bar version is available in sizes S, M, L and XL, while the Mid Bar version is available in sizes S, M and L.

Through Orbea’s Rider Connect (opens in new tab) program, you can now reserve a Kemen or Kemen SUV near you or find one at your nearest store.

In the Kemen and Kemen SUV range, prices start at £3,599 / $4,599 for the Kemen / Kemen SUV 30 (Top Bar or Mid Bar) and go up to £4,299 / $5,499 for the Kemen / Kemen SUV 10 (Top Bar or Mid Bar).

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