Endura Equipe Thermo Windshield bib tights review

Endura Equipe Thermo Windshield bib tights
Cycling Weekly Verdict

Great value, serious condition tights - just ignore the wrinkled stockings comments come the café stop.

  • +

    Great weather protection

  • +

    Great value

  • -

    Bulky padding

  • -

    Awkward fit off the bike

Off the bike, these biblongs looked terrible. The lack of stretch in the fabric left bunches and wrinkles everywhere - very Nora Batty-esque.

Once saddled up though, they came into their own. Both the Italian made Themolite material and the Japanese softshell shod water well from the box, and even if the former wears off, the thicker panels will still offer lots of weather protection.

Endura's own pad is certainly made for high mileage, and some may find it too bulky. We've yet to understand the reason for the radio pocket in the mesh bib, but if that's all I can gripe about, it says a lot.