Over the last year we’ve seen the arrival of the first cycling-specific mapping devices


Satmap Active 10

Review of the Satmap Active 10, a cycling-specific GPS device and cycle computer

Score 7

GTrek Data Logger

Review of the GTrek Data Logger, a GPS route logging device.

Score 8

Garmin 705

Review of the Garmin 705, a bike-specific GPS device and cycle computer

Score 10


As a cycling-specific computer we think the Garmin 705 is a tough piece of kit to beat, and as a GPS device we would have to say the same

  • Seamus Leahy

    Re 6210 Navigator, I have found the signal to work ok with it inside a cycle jacket pocket including under overhanging trees (Portsmouth to Alresford) at night when the voice directions came in very handy. The battery life is extended by an AA battery gadget and all in all I found it a good buy, it even got me back to a campsite in France when I got lost, maybe the testers had a duff one