The commuter showed his apparent disdain for the Mayor of London when their paths crossed on Vauxhall Bridge


Mayor of London Boris Johnson was out riding the new segregated cycle superhighway on Vauxhall Bridge when he encountered a commuter going the other way.

Clearly not a fan of the Tory MP for Uxbridge and South Ruislip, the rider can be seen raising his middle finger as Johnson happily waves back.

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The Mayor was riding the route to officially open cycle superhighway five.

The route now includes Dutch-style segregation of cyclists from motor traffic from The Oval in Kennington to Pimlico, a distance of almost a mile.

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The overall scheme has a budget of £18 million with the hope of allowing bicycle users to cross the capital separated from cars, buses and lorries.

Segregated cycle paths will help get more people on bikes and shift the image of cycling being the reserve of young white men in lycra.

Impetus has been given to making London a cycling city thanks to the Mini Holland schemes in some Outer London boroughs, but also by the concerningly high number of cyclists being injured and killed in collisions with vehicles.

  • Spokes_123

    agree, we are all cyclist..
    no one should care what a cyclist does for a living.
    guess what I dont cycle in London.

  • 2dy

    >cyclists in London

    You’re not one, I take it. The intersections of motor traffic, busses and pedestrians all around Vauxhall now are lethal for their unpredictable complexity alone. It’s a hugely visible and massively costly vanity project that’s turned an area that was probably quite hazardous to cyclists and turned it into an area that’s incredibly dangerous to everyone.

  • 2dy

    wot? you don’t cycle in London, presumably.

  • dourscot

    Pathetic – genuine cyclists never abuse one another, no matter what.

    Forget politics, the guy’s let the side down.

  • Toleando Broomshaver


  • Nic Lowe

    Boris – love him or hate him – has done a lot for cyclists in London. Deny that and you are a fool. When the next mayor comes in the profile of cycling in the city will drop like a stone. Middle finger guy will get kudos for giving it to the man etc but his increased safety thanks to this lane in a dangerous junction is in part down to Boris alone.

  • J1

    I thought this was the most common gesture in London?

  • bobfairlane

    It’s ok. More people will fly the bird as long as he’s out in public.

  • Mike Prytherch

    Amazing a photographer was there just at that moment in time

  • Stevo

    That gesture is very rude! Definitely a pleb. If the bloke had had any class, he would have barged the Bullingdon toff off the road.