Paul Wilson narrowly avoided a collision with an Aurora Lighting van in Edinburgh that swerved in into a cycle lane to skip traffic.

An Edinburgh cyclist has received an apology from the company of a van whose driver nearly knocked him off his bike on Monday (November 10).

The video shows Paul Wilson travelling along Queensferry Road when an Aurora Lighting van swerves sharply out of stationary traffic and speeds down the inside cycle lane.

The van driver appears not to see Wilson, nor hear his screams as he is forced to apply the brakes to avoid a collision.

After the van turns left, Wilson then has to avoid a people carrier that edges out onto the road, unaware of his presence behind the van.

Wilson tweeted Aurora Lighting with the video asking their drivers to refrain from trying to kill him. He later received an apology from the company promising disciplinary action against the driver, although their initial Twitter apology was some way wide of the mark.

The video was caught on Wilson’s helmet-mounted camera, devices that have brought numerous incidents like this to prominence in recent months.

  • paulrbarnard

    The van didn’t indicate it just turned abruptly. If you think the cyclist should have know this was going to happen you are asking far more than you should of anyone. There was no filter lane for the up coming left turn, it was simply bad driving by the van.

  • Peter Marlow

    Whilst every cyclist must learn to ride defensively, you can’t excuse the van driver in this instance. There are lots of clips on the net which show marginal bad driving – this isn’t one of them, the driver swerves left quite abruptly and then straight into the cycle lane.

  • Tim

    I`m sorry but that is boll**ks. I drive a van and cycle regularly. If that cyclist couldn`t see what was about to happen then he needs a few lessons in road awareness before he gets flattened. Its obvious that a van of that shape has a blind spot and he positioned himself exactly in it. I spent 3 years as a cycle courier in London so I know the score, the cyclist in this clip clearly doesn`t have a clue.

  • Toby Evans

    I had a van come really close to me the other day, and I managed to get a picture of it on my phone, especially the little yellow sticker warning me not to get too close. I sent it to the company hq, explaining the irony, and they also apologised, saying that they had sent the driver on an “urban driving course”. The poor sod

    I also recently had a giant grab truck pass me really carefully and considerately, so I also wrote to their HQ to thank them for employing such considerate drivers, but haven’t heard back …