We asked Cycling Weekly readers whether they had ever encountered an unusual creature while on a bike ride. Seems like a lot of you have...

The range of odd creatures that you have collectively seen while out cycling is something to behold. We recently asked you to tell us what strange animal you had crossed paths with on a bike (you, not them) and some of the answers are frankly unbelievable.

Here is a selection of the fantastic fauna that you have seen.

Have you ever seen a strange creature that beats any of this lot? Let us know in the comments section below.

A cyclist that actually waved back.
Graham Parsons

A wallaby… In Cambridgeshire… Between Oldhurst and Pidley… It was hopping along the grass verge, minding its own business.
Mike Gough

A few spring to mind. 1) Someone walking along the main road in Kings Bromley (Staffordshire) dressed in a full suit of armour early on a Saturday morning. 2) Batman and Robin at 07.00 on a Sunday morning deep in the boondocks in central Staffordshire riding on a mobility scooter. 3) A fellow roadie in Handsacre (Staffordshire) who had a blue parrot on his shoulder.
David Walker


Richard Williams

Paced by an ostrich running alongside me one side of a hedgerow in a field whilst I cycled up the road. Took a while to work out what it was.
Ian Lindsay

A Lesser Spotted Audaxer. I immediately recognized him by his magnificent facial plumage and courtship attire of socks and sandals. A splendid example astride an olden frame festooned with all manner of baggage of all shapes and sizes.
Dave Rowe

Migrating red crabs in Cuba. After a while you give up trying too hard to steer around them, there were just too many. No punctures, surprisingly given the number of claws.
Rob Crane


A giant snapping turtle. That’s a 700×40 tire…
Ron Altman

Myself, in the reflection of a building.
Deb Baker

I nearly ran over an adder at the top of blue bank near Whitby one summer. It was sunning itself in the middle of the road.
Richard Mellen

Golden eagle in the Highlands in 2005 on a Lands End to John O’Groats jaunt – it was bloody huge!
Chris Stead

A leprechaun riding a unicorn.
Caroline Storey


How about Batman and Spiderman?
Mike Burke

A guy in complete BMC kit (socks, shorts, jersey, gloves and helmet), riding a Trek bike.
Thurstan Johnston

Whilst descending a mountain pass in Turkey at about 30+ mph there was a large moving rock in the road, until I realised at the last minute it was a tortoise, I avoided it and placed it to safety at the side of the road.
Sam Brown

Whilst cycling along the Tarka Cycle Trail there was a walker standing in the middle of the cycle trail looking shocked that anyone would cycle on a Sustrans cycle path.
Noel Molland


This weekend I met this chap wandering down the road – I managed to save his bacon!
Angus Thomas

A pod of dolphins, swimming and feeding just 20 feet off the beach where I was riding a fat bike. They kept the same pace and distance for several miles with me.
Mark Gillis

A dude with aerobars on his 29-inch mountain bike.
Burhan Blum


Traffic Jam… County Kerry, Ireland.
Ken Armstrong

Boris Johnson.
Phil Shaw

The Taliban in the distance after I found an old bike in Afghanistan.
Dave Gray

  • Yello

    a weird creature with two legs; like white legs walking trough the trees (about the height of an adult leg., it’s good to note that a nearby cat ran from it. still don’t know what is was but I was just doing my usual late night bike hour and saw it… I never cycled from something that quick in my life, I’ve also seen a person (like a walker) walking in the middle of the street but it tunrs out he was just drunk. But I still looked wtf to him. o and dead frogs everywhere cause cyclists and cars and scooters don’t pay attention to their surroundings, many frogs die by being ran over; including sadly by me but I had no choice or I would be hit by a (lijn)bus.

  • ridein

    Once I was going up an incline and had an emu running parallel to me (about 5 meters from me) and ended up racing it for at least a quarter mile. Also encountered 5-6 cows once on a low traffic back road, fortunately they were mostly standing in off the road. Rescued a few turtles from being flattened as well.

  • blemcooper

    While riding home at night from work through a wooded area, I’ve seen a white stag on the side of the road a few times over a few years. I don’t know if it’s the same one multiple times or multiple individuals. I’d guess the former.

  • Pee Bee

    An Australian cyclist descending Le Col Tourmalet with a life size model kangaroo strapped to his back whilst on my way to watch Le Tour de France 2012. I assume he was an Australian!

  • Larry Ring

    Late one foggy night I nearly ran into a huge Charolais standing in the middle of the small country lane I took home, I decided to make a U-turn and take a different route home.