We countdown the 25 worst crimes against cycling fashion

Let’s face it, lycra isn’t the most flattering material at the best of times, but put it in the hands of some (apparently blind) 1990s designers, and the results can be truly horrific. Whether it’s bold colour combinations or just plain old disgusting designs, some great riders have been tainted by their team’s choice of kit.

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We hope you’ll agree that there are some absolute shockers in there, but the big question is which is the worst? Castorama and BigMat’s aprons? Le Groupement and Mapei’s psychedelic designs? Or the Colombian national women’s team kit that caused so much furore earlier this year?

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However maybe you’re a fan of these questionable jersey designs. So go on, own up. Can you do a decent Greg Lemond or Bernard Hinault impression in your Renault-Elf outfit? Or maybe you head out on a Saturday morning clad head to toe in a full Footon-Servetto get up? Well, at least it might be worth a bob or two in a few years time.

Or maybe not.

If your eyes aren’t scarred from all that, then why look out for the January edition of Cycle Sport for an in-depth look at cycling fashion faux pas.

  • NitroFan

    None of these are as sad as the all black no lights look I see so often on my daily commute all that is missing is a target on their backs!

  • edgydrifter

    Renault and Lampre don’t belong on this list. Footon, on the other hand, is so bad it should be on here twice.

  • Mark Jones

    Hopefully it will go full circle and teams will return to bright daring kits.

  • Mark Jones

    I also like the Lampre kit and would rather be seen cycling in that than all these black kits.

  • Mark Jones

    I agree that the Sky kit is always so dull and boring. It seems that it gets more so with each new version. Now most of the teams are wearing black, so I say bring back these sometimes disastrous awful looking kits, as at least they were different from each other.

  • Paul Jakma

    The AGR one is pretty turgid, and the Footon one maybe not the best colour, but most of the older ones at least had a bit of variety and team-individuality to them. Not like the modern peloton where at least half the teams are some dark colour or black. At least the likes of Astana and Lampre dare to stand out a bit.

    Also, the Carrera jeans, the dungarees, etc., at least they had a sense of humour back then. The Renault tenue was iconic and very well executed – tied in very well with the sponsors corporate branding of the day, and looked good. Ditto for the likes of Groupement and Toshiba.

  • Stevo

    The Carrera fake denim shorts were fantastic.

  • liversedge

    Lampre is one of my faves.

  • briantrousers

    Sloppy journalism, let’s just dig out random photos and say something disparaging about them. The Colombian kit isn’t even that colour, it was an unfortunate effect of the lighting. Do your homework.

    (AG2R is awful though. Brown ffs)

  • Noel Robert Gallagher

    its not hideous but its a bit boring,when they bring out a new version its nearly identical to the last one. at least the kits then were totally different to each other and as a footy fan some looked like the awful kits from the early nineties which is always good.

  • Dubya

    The thing is the designs are marketing tools and you’ve just shown them again, some 30+ years after there design. So actually some may say they are acrually first rate kit designs!

  • Carl Hawkins

    And whoever wrote this, if you think you dont look good in lycra, cut out the pies and get training.

  • Carl Hawkins

    Classic team kits. Bring back some happy memories and my first trade jersey was castorama. Loved it. I suppose shoulder pads and eighties haircuts dont look so cool nowadays.

  • CyberTonTo72

    I like the Lotto kit #16

  • Houlie

    I don’t know what all the fuss is about; cycling team kit is always hideous!

  • Nigel Rue

    OK I own up to having two, the Carrera and GB kit. Much prefer them to Sky’s offering, or am I the only person who thinks Sky’s kit is hideous?

  • ummm…

    no im in agreement. Some of these are not bad looking kits. But it is winter and they need to write articles so lets give em a pass

  • ridein

    Some of these aren’t too bad, but then maybe I’m used to decades of kits that have been less than appealing.