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As an Olympic hero and one of the world’s most famous competitive cyclists, it might be fair to say that Bradley isn’t necessarily into bodybuilding and sport supplements – albeit the none so legal ones – have been under close scrutiny in the media of late following ‘Lance Armstrong-gate’, but there’s no denying that Wiggo is one hell of a cool guy. Let’s take a look at his fact file and you’ll see for yourselves:-


Bradley’s not always been a road cyclist. His career started in track cycling, making his debut winning the individual pursuit Junior Track World Champions in 1998 at the tender age of eighteen. He made the change to road cycling in 2005, and was selected for the first time ever to ride in the 2006 Tour de France. He finished in 124th place.

It seems as though his determination to be an international cycling superstar was ingrained from a very young age – his hero growing up was Miguel Indurain, a Spanish Tour de France legend. His idolising seemed to have paid off as during Wiggo’s latest Tour de France victory he received a video message and a signed neckerchief from the man himself.


In no way is the bike boff shy on medals – as well as bossing seven Olympic medals (four of which are gold)he’s the first British cyclist to win the Tour de France. With seven medals he is Great Britain’s most decorated Olympian, but shares this title with Sir Chris Hoy.

Pop culture:

Wiggo is a ‘mod’ enthusiastic, loving the 60s parkas, skinny trousers and mopeds. He’s even had his hair styled in the same fashion – those sideburns are so-say to honour John Entwistle (the notable bassist from The Who). As a result of his mod-tendencies, he’s teamed up with designer fashion label Fred Perry and has launched a cycling fashion range.

He’s also got the wider community’s best interests at heart – in May 2012 he initiated the ‘Wiggo Foundation’ which is an organisation set up to support and promote regular exercise in clubs, local communities and schools.

Wiggo Trivia:

  • The Danish pet name for Bradley is, “The Captain of the Sky Train with Sideburns.”
  • He would love to start up his own band but says he can’t because of time restrictions with cycling

    Despite being in awe of Paul Weller as a musician, Wiggo claims he does not idolise Weller himself, contrary to popular belief.

One thing that makes Bradley so likeable is his down to earth and frank honesty with the public. He’s openly confessed before to suffering with heavy drinking problems after his immense achievements at the 2004 Olympics. He claimed to spend hours in his local pub from the moment it opened, drinking pink after pint. He commented that it all came to an end once his son, Ben was born as he had to be responsible and earn money.

His dedication to the cycling world and desire to pass this passion on to local communities is clearly evident, whilst his uber-cool, slick taste in music and fashion renders him probably one of the coolest guys, ever.