Save time and check out these Cyber Monday Smartwatch deals

Smartwatches can do everything a GPS head unit can do and more - here's why we cyclists love them

Cyber Monday smartwatch
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Smartwatches have been a surprise hit for Cycling Weekly's Black Friday and Cyber Monday bike deals pages in the last few years. It seems that cyclists can't get enough of them, even though they're are often aimed at running or multisports and have names like 'Forerunner'. 

We shouldn't really be surprised any more. GPS watches are getting ever more sophisticated: their functionality is as good as cycling computers if not better and because they're on your wrist 24/7 rather than stuck to your handlebars only while you're riding they can be much smarter, tracking not only your performance but also your fitness, your breathing, your blood oxygen level, your sleep... for data collection watches can't be beat.

Anyone who follows me on Strava or has seen me at a Parkrun  will know that running is my guilty pleasure so I'll always use a watch for that - but I've also found myself using it for cycling more regularly too.

I ride a winter bike with an old-fashioned 26.0mm bar which needs an adaptor if I want to transfer my Wahoo out-front mount onto it. There might have been one in the original box but I've got no idea where is now - so I just use the watch.

I've also used a watch for time trialling when I can't get the computer in a satisfactory place on my tri-bars and who knows, it might have even saved a couple of watts. Although weight isn't as important as aerodynamics, it definitely saved a few grams.

Our conclusion (spoiler alert) is that if your budget permits it, it's nice to have both the bike computer and the smartwatch. Yes, it can get expensive and that's why the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales are the perfect time to track one down. Here's a selection of the best deals on the best watches, starting with a rare deal on the Elemnt Rival itself direct from Wahoo.

Cyber Monday deals on smartwatches USA

Cyber Monday deals on smartwatches UK

Cyber Monday deals on smartwatches USA

now $299.99

Wahoo Elemnt Rival smart watch $379.99, now $299.99 (save $80) When I reviewed the Wahoo Elemnt Rival watch I gave it 4.5/5 and it's getting a space in this year's Editor's Choice list of our favourite products. I called it: "A sports-focused watch with the trademark clean design and usability of Wahoo’s cycling computers, reliable pairing and syncing, an intuitive app and exceptional battery life." With $80 off - a rare deal direct from Wahoo, I'd say go for it!

Garmin Instinct: $299.99

Garmin Instinct: $299.99 $163 at Amazon (save $136.99) The military standard GPS is more than your average GPS watch as it features three axis compass and multiple global navigation satellite systems. Use with your smartphone or on its own to stay connected and on track. Measures all fitness data, turn by turn navigation and track back, so you never get lost off grid again. Perfect for bikepackers and at a great price too. 

Garmin Forerunner 745: $546.99

Garmin Forerunner 745: $546.99 $418.99 at ProBikeKit (save $128) The classic multisport watch for those of us who like to indulge in other sports off the bike (though of course not all at the same time). The 745 supplies all the usual fitness tracking, including the ability to pre-programme workoutsand record races thanks to its multi-satellite system support, as well as pairing with your phone, playing music and the other things that the best watches excel at.


Garmin Fenix 6S Pro: $820.49 $609.99 at ProBikeKit (save $210) The Fenix 6S Pro is rugged enough to withstand multiple sports and active lifestyles, but has an aesthetic that makes it subtle and attractive enough to be an everyday watch (it also comes in black). Needless to say, it's packed full of features, GPS navigation, comprehensive fitness metrics, pairs with your smartphone and you can pay contactless at the store with it. This is akin to a having personal PA and PT on your wrist.  


Garmin Venu: $199.99 $129.99 at Amazon (save $70) Even more refined looking than the Fenix is the Garmin Venu, just with slightly fewer features. It's fair to say it's a holistic system of tracking your body's health and now comes with a $70 saving. Of course it's smartphone compatible for easy connectivity on the move, including call text and social media alerts and contactless payment for cash/card free transactions. You can even participate in a coached workout or upload your own, when synced with the Garmin Connect app.

Cyber Monday deals on smartwatches UK

now £299.99

Wahoo Elemnt Rival smart watch £349.99, now £299.99 from Wahoo (save £50) When I reviewed the Wahoo Elemnt Rival watch I gave it 4.5/5 and it's got a space in this year's Editor's Choice list of our favourite products. I called it: "A sports-focused watch with the trademark clean design and usability of Wahoo’s cycling computers, reliable pairing and syncing, an intuitive app and exceptional battery life." It's pretty rare to find Wahoo products discounted, especially the latest ones like this, so I'd hurry.

Garmin Forerunner 645 Music Running GPS Watch: £349.99

Garmin Forerunner 645 Music Running GPS Watch: £349.99 £185 at Wiggle (save £164.99) Judging by the name you might that you may not think this is a more running-specific GPS watch than many, but that's not the case at all. You can use the Forerunner 645 for cycling, swimming and more. With its built in heart rate monitor there's no need to wear a chest strap either - though as we know the chest strap is best for accuracy. Overall, a great discount on such a versatile product. 

Garmin Fenix 6s Pro:

Garmin Fenix 6s Pro: £599 £449.99 at Wiggle (save £149.01)There's a tidy £60 saving to be had on the multisport, multipurpose smart watch from Garmin. Choose between black or white and rose gold, the watch features a huge level of data metric measurements for fitness monitoring, and teams it with the same practical features as you would find on a smartphone, including calls, text, messages and contactless payment. 

now £249.99 at Wiggle

Garmin Forerunner 935: £389.99, now £249.99 at Wiggle (save £140) The Forerunner 935 has activity profiles not just for cycling but for running, swimming, cross-country, trail running, hiking, strength training and many more. It also has Garmin's status performance monitoring tool that evaluates your training load and indicates whether you're productive, peaking or overreaching. Plus all the usual ride metrics - and now at an incredible price.

We'll be adding more smartwatch deals to this page as we spot them, so stay close. And for all other cycling bargains check out Cycling Weekly's best Cyber Monday deals page where there's an ever-growing list of mega discounts.

Simon Smythe is Cycling Weekly's senior tech writer and has been in various roles at CW since 2003. His first job was as a sub editor on the magazine following an MA in online journalism (yes, it was just after the dot-com bubble burst).

In his cycling career Simon has mostly focused on time trialling with a national medal, a few open wins and his club's 30-mile record in his palmares. These days he spends a bit more time testing road bikes, or on a tandem doing the school run with his younger son.

What's in the stable? There's a Colnago Master Olympic, a Hotta TT700, an ex-Castorama lo-pro that was ridden in the 1993 Tour de France, a Pinarello Montello, an Independent Fabrication Club Racer, a Shorter fixed winter bike and a renovated Roberts with a modern Campag groupset.

And the vital statistics:

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