We speak to the 1987 Tour de France rider who has also competed at World Championships on the road and on mountain bikes ? and he?s been a team manager and masseur as well.

You seem to have cooled down the racing a little now?

Yes, I?m too much of a racer to just take part, if I turn up I want to race well and the guys that know me know that as well. I?m there to race, and at the moment I can?t do that.

Are you still out on the bike a lot?

Not at the moment, and even the last few years of racing I?ve only done between six and 12 hours a week, a lot less than most people think. I just know myself better these days and how little I can get away with.

Have you any specific goals?

For racing no, not that I?m going to tell anyone ? you?ll know when I turn up.

Any plans for another comeback?

I should say no, but I know I won?t be able to resist at some point, never say never!

What?s going on in the life of Adrian Timmis now?

I?m busy looking after my nearly three-year-old daughter and running my own coaching and sports company, Cadence Sport.

Would you have done anything different in your professional career?

I would have got myself a coach! That way I may have reached my true potential ? after racing the last few years for fun, I know that I was nowhere near it. My school report would have said: ?Could have/should have done better.?

What did riding the Tour de France teach you?

That I wasn?t quite ready for it!

If you could change one thing in professional cycling, what would it be?

I would put a maximum length of socks above the ankle. But more seriously, I would stop the fighting between the people that run the sport.

Has a long career in cycling taught you any specific things about yourself or life in general?

It?s taught me that I don?t do nine-to-five very well, and that life is too short to be doing things you don?t enjoy. That?s why I enjoy what I?m doing now.

If you weren?t a cyclist, you would have been?

I only ever wanted to be a cyclist when I was younger, but if my careers officer at school had her way, even after telling her that I wanted to be a cyclist, I would have probably been working in a factory. I?m glad I ignored her.

How?s your coaching business going?

It?s really busy at the moment; I?ve got a good mix of riders, from youth to elite level across all disciplines. There are people who just want a PB, to people riding World Championships. I also offer bike fitting, custom foot beds, sports massage and I get asked to do bike and wheel builds.

What are you watching on TV at the moment?

Too much according to my wife!

How do you relax when you?re not working?

I take my daughter to the park.

What?s your favourite cycling café snack?

That has to be a well-done bacon and egg sandwich with brown (HP) sauce.


ANC-Halfords: Adrian Timmis