The Irish national road race champion is enjoying a fine spell of form, having won this year?s Shay Elliott Memorial and won the final stage of the FBD Insurance Ras.

Your year is going pretty well so far, right?

Well I was pleased to win the Shay Elliott Memorial race again. I won it for the first time back in 2004, but it?s always a good one to win. And it was also great to win the final stage of the Ras, although it would?ve been nice to have done something overall too. I?ve never actually won the whole race, so that?s maybe a target for the future.

What was your worst job?

Working in a bike shop. I didn?t enjoy that much.

Who would you pick a fight with, and why?

Seeing as you ask, and seeing as Cycling Weekly is a UK magazine, I would have to say David Millar. I met him once and I thought he was a real ass.

Who would you have a drink with, and why?

I?m happy to have a drink with anyone. I?m Irish, after all…

What would you invent?

Something that would make me very rich, preferably!

What sport do you find really boring, and why?

I like all sports, so I don?t really have one I really dislike that much or find boring.

If you could have superhero powers, what would they be and why?

The ability to go really fast in a line-out or in a mountain stage ? Super Cyclist! Riderman! That?s not a question I was expecting, that?s for sure!

You have an evening to yourself. Would you listen to a CD, watch a DVD or read a book, and why?

More than likely none of those options, but if I had to choose one I suppose I would probably grab a CD and chill out with a few beers or a glass of wine. I?m not a massive TV fan and I only tend to read books when I?m on the road.

What is the best thing about living in Ireland?

The countryside is pretty awe-inspiring ? beautiful lakes, mountains and fields. And the Guinness is pretty good too!

What is the worst thing about living in Ireland?

I think it?s probably one of the most expensive places to visit in the world, or certainly very close. I think our tourism industry must be hurting now.