How to enter first ever British e-racing championships

The date is set for the inaugural virtual British championships, with the winner taking home a national jersey

The date is set for the first ever British national e-racing championships, open to all British Cycling members.

Governing body British Cycling are working with Zwift to hold the first event, that will see men’s and women’s champions crowned and awarded a prestigious national jersey.

An open qualifying round will be held next month, before the live final takes place in London in late March.

British Cycling commercial director Jonathan Rigby said: “Since announcing this new event in December, we’ve been delighted by the huge levels of interest within the cycling industry, but also amongst other sports.

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“We’re encouraging Britain’s best elite women’s and men’s riders and teams to compete for the coveted national jersey, but the accessibility of Zwift means that everyone can take part – young, old, experienced, newcomers and athletes from other sports, as well as a few familiar faces.

“This has the potential to be a whole new sporting spectacle and could launch the career of a new superstar.”

The qualifying round will be held on Sunday, February 24 with a mass online Zwift race.

Anyone can compete, but you must be a member of British Cycling to qualify for the finals.

The qualifying round will be a two-lap race around the Watopia figure eight, over 59.2km.

In the live final, the top 10 male and female qualifiers will battle it out in three bunch races.

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Zwift CEO Eric Min said: “Both Zwift and British Cycling have a strong pedigree when it comes to uncovering hidden talent.

“The beauty of Zwift is that it’s open to anyone and therefore incredibly accessible.

“This looks set to be the most open national competition to date – anyone with a British Cycling membership can win.

“I know of a number of domestic professional riders looking to claim the title, but wouldn’t it be wonderful to see someone new emerge and take the stripes?”

There are championship specific training plans available to BC members, and Great Britain Cycling Team Academy riders Jim Brown, Ethan Vernon and Will Tidball will lead the next Zwift ride on Thursday