Fatal accident ‘only a matter of time’ on Leeds-Bradford Cycle Superhighway

Cyclist involved in two collisions along route in just a few months

A new separated cycle path between Leeds and Bradford has been branded potentially fatal by one rider after she was knocked off twice in recent months.

Stacey Cuthbertson has been involved in two accidents on the cycle path since it opened in June, first colliding with a car crossing the cycle lane, an incident that left her in hospital with severe facial scarring and nerve damage, and then coming together with a pedestrian who had just disembarked from a bus.

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Speaking to the Yorkshire Evening Post, Ms Cuthbertson, who regularly commuted along the same route before the cycle path was built without incident, said that she thought someone could soon be killed on the path.

“I feel it is only a matter of time before one of these accidents is fatal. A shame when the idea was to make cycling safer and to increase the amount of people cycling to work.

“The fact people disembarking a bus have no choice but to step out onto the cycle lane was an accident waiting to happen.”

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A spokeswoman for City Connect, the organisation that has built and runs the route, says that it will continue to assess how it can improve the route, but thinks that the overall effect for cyclists has been positive.

“The segregated route provides protection from motor vehicles along its length and is being used by people who tell us they would never have dared cycle along the route before and with numbers of cyclists using the route continuing to grow, we will continue to carry out reviews and introduce changes and improvements.”

The Leeds-Bardford Cycle Superhighway is a nine mile/16km segregated cycle path, running between the centres of Leeds and Bradford, giving cyclists priority over cars as side junctions along its route.