Cyclist says he’s not put off riding after collision with BT van (video)

Cyclist Baz Lewis tells a BBC show that he is back on his bike, but is more wary of traffic since his collision with a BT van in June.

A Surrey rider knocked off his bike by a BT van in June insists the incident has not deterred him from cycling.

Baz Lewis was riding through Wray Common, near Reigate, on June 3, when the van pulled out in front of him. Lewis collided with the van and suffered a fractured right wrist, sprained left wrist and cuts and bruises as a result.

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The BBC aired a video of the crash, published on the CW website on June 6, and an interview with Lewis on their Close Calls: On Camera show on October 30.

The footage of the crash, which can be seen in the above video, was filmed on a dashboard-mounted camera in a taxi.

“It was quite early on in the ride and I was cycling down a main road that I know very well into the town of Reigate,” Lewis told the programme.

“I came towards a junction on the left and that’s where the van started edging out, where the driver was obviously looking left rather than my way. Then the van came out too far for me to actually miss it.”

Despite wearing high visibility clothing, the driver of the van apparently failed to see Lewis approaching. Lewis managed to swerve to his right in order to avoid a full collision with the van, something which he credits for saving him from more serious injuries.

“I would have been a lot worse off if I hadn’t hit the front of the van,” he continued. “If I had hit the side of the van at that sort of speed a lot of the impact would have gone through my neck and I could have broken it.

“It didn’t put me off my cycling, that’s for sure. I’m a bit more wary of traffic than I used to be. I definitely look at junctions more and whether the cars are stopping or not.”

Watch the full programme here.