The five winter cycling essentials I never neglect: protect your bike and yourself

Save money and beat the bad weather with these five tips

Image shows a rider wearing one of the best winter cycling jackets.
(Image credit: Future)

The colder months may well and truly be here, but for avid cyclists, that isn't a good enough reason to stop riding altogether. However, it does present us with a cold and corrosive set of challenges for both bike and rider to conquer in order to stay safe and keep enjoying the long winter miles.

We have already gone over 20 rider-specific hacks for keeping your winters smiling, but what about your poor bike? Long miles, salted roads, wet and muddy conditions can all spell disaster for the moving parts of any bike, but you can minimize the damage. Then there's mechanical frustration - there is nothing quite as brutal as a sub-zero puncture, often with numb hands. Having spent over three countless hours in the cold while I was a full-time rider, I have learned from many a cold weather mistake.

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