Product Overview

Overall rating:

Score 8


  • Spacious case
  • Tyre repair too


  • Contents fall out when tyre levers removed


Lezyne Lever Kit


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This product is featured in: 7 of the best puncture repair kits.

A clever design with a larger inside space to accommodate the tyre lever ‘doors’ on the sides.

The advantage is, you’ll be able to fit in extra patches for tours, or emergency money.

There’s even a ‘boot’ – a slip of card to be used to protect your tube if you gash your tyre in a terrible manner.

The patches and scrubber were both great quality; the only negative is that when you remove the tyre levers, the contents fall on the floor.


This may not be a huge concern for some, but in my opinion it loses it a point on an otherwise great product.