Mavic Yksion Mavic GripLink and Yksion PowerLink




  • Good in the dry


  • Not so good in the wet

Price as reviewed:


Initial dry rides on the 2013 front Grip and rear Power combo indicated that the tyres matched up to claims of grip in corners and good traction when giving it a bit of welly.

Add rain to the equation and our experience wasn’t so good. The 23mm tyres struggled to hold on to the road sufficiently – even in a slight off-camber straight line with no braking the rear stepped out.


We had a similar issue on a first generation pair, and Mavic changed the compound as a consequence, but looking at the narrow tyre cross-section, it may need to go back to the profile design drawing board.


Tyres: Mavic Yksion Mavic GripLink and Yksion PowerLink

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