It’s just as well Bradley Wiggins has become a stage racer as it doesn’t seem as though he’s going to get another crack at the Olympic pursuit.

We were looking forward to Wiggo going for his third successive gold in the individual 4,000 metres on home soil in 2012, along with Rebecca Romero defending her women’s title, but now if the International Olympic Committee gets its way both events will be scrapped.

After finishing fourth in this year’s Tour de France, Wiggins reckoned he could still combine the world’s biggest race with his Olympic ambitions but now, like Romero, he’s going to have to make do with just the team pursuit in London.

Maybe Romero would be better off going back to rowing, or finding another sport that Olympic bosses don’t have such a downer on. Swimming would be a safe bet, wth an incredible 34 golds up for grabs in a ridiculous variety of events, compared to just 10 track cycling titles.

It’s not the first time that bike racing has faced the chop. Sir Chris Hoy was crowned king of the kilometre in Athens, but then the race was dropped. Of course, Sir Chris stayed one step ahead, switching to the sprint with equal success.

Surely the Games should include the disciplines that really matter. Swapping the pursuit for an omnium is ridiculous.

Robert Garbutt is editor of Cycling Weekly.

  • Orlando

    Outrageous! Specially as pursuiting is the reference we use when we judge an attack in the last ks of a race… This is the purest form of TT there is! Why not give one of those sports that require a team of biased judges given out marks the chop?

  • Dave Jennings

    Why the downer on track cycling. Did boxing have to sacrifice some weight clasifications to let women compete at 2012 Olympics. I didn,t hear any mention of this having to happen

  • stuart

    All the previous comments are bang on the mark, all Olympic events should be individual ones where the winner can clearly be recognised. Sprint, Pursuit, T.T. Road race, nothing else. Does anyone seriously remember any ot the Team Pursuit winners prior to Beijing? Eight memorable contests altogether, (M and F) better than repetitive mediocrity. Ominium? more interesting if it was raced out on an ice rink

  • Andrew

    Cycling needs a clean set of events between worlds and olympics. NZ’s Hatden Godfrey was world champ in omnium but was unable to ride this at Beijing. Another kiwi Hayden Roulston won individual pursuit silver at Beijing, but can’t ride it in London.

    I can’t believe that anyone in cycling favours the omnium (or for that matter the team pursuit) over the individual pursuit. Plus you have the madison and points races that no-one outside track cycling understands. Track riding has always been an uneasy blend of performance and entertainment events that hark back to the old pro circuit. Time for a spring clean.

    Let’s have one set of ‘gold standard’ track events that focus on performance and are simple to understand.

    But if you want BMX, road, track and MTB included, something’s got to give.

  • Lee McCrindle

    I cant believe IOC and UCI are serious about removing the 4000 m to replace it with the omniuim. For me the 4000m is the blue riband event, just look at the names of the british winners over the last 15-20 years. I also enjoy watching the omnium but given a choice, well there isn’t one really !! Madness !!

  • David Irving

    This decision is typical of the UCI weakness in pandering to the IOC, as you say look at the ridiculous amount of swimming disciplines plus athletics where the UK record is abysmal. Perhaps if we ask the UCI to propose Hammer and Spear throwing plus a Hop Skip and Jump whilst mounted on a bicycle we might get somewhere.
    Probably I was not alone in going OH NO when I read that McQuaid had been re-elected by his cronies in the sumptious palace paid for by competing cyclists both amateur and professional. But the why should we be surprised when we consider the idiot who he replaced who also supported him. Between these two they have ruined cycling.