The motor doping scandal rumbles on, thanks in part to social media based speculation. Plus, read on for more of the best cycling videos

Speculation about motors in bicycles has flared up again, this time at the Tour de Bretagne.

USA Cycling U23 rider Adrien Costa took a solo win into Lannion on stage four. Upon finishing, the rider laid his bike down and was congratulated by spectators.

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Some Twitter users were quick to point out that Costa’s rear wheel appears to start turning again without propulsion from the pedals.

However, by the looks of it, his drive-side pedal hits the ground as he lays the bike down, causing the wheel to turn.

Tour de Yorkshire stage three highlights

Only in its second year and the Tour de Yorkshire pulls in some of the biggest crowds of any professional bike race around the world.

Still riding the wave of the Tour de France 2014 Grand Départ, Yorkshire gives the riders a warm welcome in all ways except the weather.

Here are the highlights of stage three, the result of which also decided the overall GC.

Giro d’Italia 2016 route

The Giro d’Italia kicks off on Friday with a time trial in the Dutch city of Apeldoorn. This video runs through the whole route, which riders will need to conquer to win the first Grand Tour of the season.

Big crash at the Red Hook Crit

Incidents involving motorcycles at bike races are becoming an increasingly problem. This crash at the Red Hook Crit looks to have been an unfortunate mechanical problem rather than the moto pilot’s fault, but the outcome still looks bad.

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Blackfriars Bridge segregated cycle path being used, and not just by cyclists

London is finally taking decisive steps in the right direction when it comes to making cycling an everyday, accessible mode of transport for all.

>>> Zac Goldsmith: ‘I’ll rip up London’s cycle superhighways if they don’t work’

The cycle superhighway on Blackfriars Bridge is one example of how more people will ride their bikes if they feel it’s safe to do so. What’s more, as this video shows, being segregated from motor traffic is also beneficial to others moving around the city.

  • Peter Ryan

    On the last part of the story, Zac Goldsmith’s anti-cycling bit, he didn’t get elected. Good for cyclists and anyone who isn’t a racist.

  • Chris

    You all run the risk of spoiling Cycling Weekly’s story of the week. Never let the truth get in the way of a good story.

  • John Murphy

    If there was a hidden motor the cranks would be turning too while the wheel was spinning.

  • dourscot

    He picked it up because he realises should never have put the bike down in the first place. The mechanic would be annoyed, rightly so.

  • dourscot

    That’s not motor doping – anyone can do that when put a bike down at a slight angle.

  • Rich Wake

    I think you’re confusing me w/ someone who can keep up with other riders long enough to benefit from a slipstream XD

  • Michael

    Oh come on. The wheel is barely turning.

    You could fart and make the wheel spin faster than that.

    A hidden motor is supposedly adding 50-200w. You’re going to see the back wheel spinning at a rate when it’s turned on and there’s no load.

    Try putting your bike in a big gear, lifting the back wheel off the ground and spinning the pedals with your hand. Note (a) How trivial it is to turn (b) How you can get speeds well in excess of 30mph with ease and (c) how long afterwards the wheel spins after you’ve stopped. And that’s your puny little arm doing that

  • Samuel Clemens

    Good onya. I too refuse to cheat, even ‘slightly’ like drafting the tandems or other groups that might catch you, etc. Very much in the minority there, though, everyone else seems to think whatever comes past with a slipstream is fair game.

  • Rich Wake

    I don’t cheat… although since I don’t race I technically can’t cheat

  • Samuel Clemens

    Yep…and who do we have to blame for that? Cyclists cheat where and how-ever they can…whether pros or amateurs.

  • shane

    If you lose, you’re crap. If you win, you’re a cheat. No pressure, though…

  • Stevo

    Yup. Plus he might have decided the middle of the road wasn’t the best place for it, given the rest of the field were about to arrive.

  • Lanaika

    This one is very easy to replicate. If you position the pedals the way
    they are on this rider’s bike and put down the bike the way he did, your
    rear wheel will inevitably start spinning. I just verified it myself.

  • Alex

    It’s called being tired and needing something to lean on. Maybe you should try exerting yourself instead of being the keyboard commando.

  • LaszloZoltan

    if you watch you will see a crank is roughly in line with the chainstay, and when he picks it up a crank is now visible roughly in line with the seat tube.
    Next !

  • Andrew Morris

    There’s no hidden motor. It’s just where the pedal was positioned when he laid it down.

  • Scotty J

    He momentarily forgot about Rule #4

  • Alex

    That wheel looks well dodgy.

  • Dan

    Whilst it is a little suspicious, looks like he’s picked it up for the photographers.

  • Jörg Hippo Thomsen

    I agree with the others: Pedalcontact with teh ground + ceramic bearings…

  • David Simons

    Why did he pick it back up again so quickly? He’d only just put it down. Anyway, it’s pro cycling so it’s a motor, those guys love to cheat, just check the record books. And before anyone says something like “But there’s cheating/doping in all sports, it’s not just cycling”, that’s not really the salient point, is it?

  • Kevin Raymond

    Yep – agreed 100%. Just the act of putting the bike on the ground turning the pedal. It’s a non story.

  • Ciaran Carroll

    I call bullshit on the hidden motor. The rider lies his bike on the ground with the pedal coming into 1st contact with the ground therefore spinning the wheel. If he did have a motor, the bike would have moved when he stood it up. Motor doping clearly exists but accusing anyone who’s wheel turns without them touching it is bullshit.