If you’re thinking about calling us today don’t leave it too late, we’ve got some celebrating to do. We’ll be raising a glass or two to a certain Mr Keith Bingham who retires on Thursday after 40 years of tireless devotion to Cycling Weekly.

It’s an incredible achievement, four decades reporting every aspect of cycling from pothole outrages in your street to the Tour de France. Keith is without doubt Britain’s most respected cycling journalist, who has campaigned relentlessly for worthy causes over the years, fearless in his pursuit of the truth.

He is the longest-serving writer in the 120-year history of the magazine and is as familiar to readers as many of the famous riders he has interviewed over the years.

When Keith first started at the end of June, 1971, the magazine cost 12½p for 32 black-and-white pages. Eddy Merckx’s winning start at the Tour de France shared top billing with Derek Cottington’s National ‘50′ victory. I remember it well, as by bizarre coincidence this just happened to be the first ever issue I bought as a kid.

Now KB has contributed to more than 2,000 issues, that’s in excess of 100,000 pages. Cheers Keith, thanks for everything.

Robert Garbutt is editor of Cycling Weekly