Last Saturday, while the eyes of the cycling world were on the weekend?s second most interesting time trial somewhere in France, I broke the 50-mile TT competition record. You might not have noticed. Cambridgeshire?s majestic A11 was not exactly lined with spectators, at least not if you exclude what I assume was the full membership of the Shaftesbury CC in fluorescent marshalling-jackets. (For which thanks, guys.)

For various reasons, having largely to do with my own incompetence, I didn?t have a computer or a watch on the bike. It?s surprisingly difficult to work out accurate splits using road signs (Cambridge 14) and the movement of the sun. I think this probably helped with the quick ride ? if I?d know just how fast I went through 25 miles (46.44) I think I?d have felt it was wise to back off a bit, on the basis that that was only 20 seconds outside my 25 best.

I finished with 1.35.27. (Or ?a? 1.35.27 as the parlance of TTing has it; I?ve never understood why.) Most of two minutes inside Kevin Dawson?s old record from 1997.

I don?t want to appear immodest, really I don?t, but I can?t quite get over how quick that is. It?s more than 50kph. It?s the same average speed as a 19.05 ten-miler. I wouldn?t have thought that was possible, not by me at any rate. Kevin?s was a good record, and he took it from Andy Wilkinson, himself seriously useful over the distance. I?d reckoned that on a good day I might get the record. Clipping that much off it was a surprise.

Now, of course, I have the pleasure of watching every 50-mile TT result as it comes in, just waiting for someone to go faster.