Welcome to Cycling Weekly?s countdown of the top 50 British riders of 2008.

It?s just like a traditional advent calendar except that instead of finding a picture of the Three Wise Men behind the window, you may find pictures of the Olympic team sprint champions bearing gifts of gold, gold and gold.

Between December 1 and Christmas Eve we will count down from 50th in our list to 11th. The top ten will be revealed in the December 25 issue of Cycling Weekly.

The list is bound to create debate as every fan is bound to have their own opinion. It?s been an extraordinary year, with Britain?s cyclists dominating the Olympic Games and Paralympics in Beijing and world champions being crowned on the road, off-road and on the track. And that?s not to mention the success at the Tour de France?

So, click on the advent calendar below to find out who is behind today’s door, and why they are in Cycling Weekly‘s Top 50 British Riders of the Year.

Scroll down below the picture for the full index of riders



December 24: No. 11 Emma Pooley

December 23: No. 12 Geraint Thomas

December 22: No. 13 Ed Clancy

December 21: No. 14 Jamie Staff

December 20: No. 15 Shanaze Reade

December 19: No. 16 Paul Manning

December 18: No. 17 Sarah Storey

December 17: No. 18 Ross Edgar

December 16: No. 20 Chris Newton and 19 Wendy Houvenaghel

December 15: No. 22 Gee Atherton and 21 Rob Hayles

December 14: No. 24 Joanna Rowsell and 23 Simon Richardson

December 13: No. 26 Rachel Atherton and 25 Ben Swift

December 12: No. 28 Lizzie Armitstead and 27 Steven Burke

December 11: No. 30 Andrew Fenn and 29 Sharon Laws

December 10: No. 32 Peter Kennaugh and 31 Josh Bryceland

December 9: No. 34 Jody Cundy and 33 Liam Killeen

December 8: No. 36 David Millar and 35 Ian Stannard

December 7: No. 38 Daniel Fleeman and 37 Matt Crampton

December 6: No. 40 Jessica Allen and 39 Daniel Lloyd

December 5: No. 42 David Daniell and 41 Dean Downing

December 4: No. 44 Steve Peat and 43 Anna Blyth

December 3: No. 46 Jonny Bellis and 45 Jess Varnish

December 2: No. 48 Luke Rowe and 47 Michael Hutchinson

December 1: No. 50 Katie Colclough and 49 Chris Froome