Driver confronts cyclists near Richmond Park while filming it on his phone (video)

A motorist films himself confronting cyclists for not using the cycle lane on the road leading to Richmond Park in London

Priory Lane in South West London is a hotspot for cyclists heading to and from Richmond Park, meaning it is unfortunately a prime location for confrontation between the people on two wheels and the people driving cars.

This weekend, motorist Andrew Cudd took it upon himself to shoot a public service announcement in which he honked his horn at three cyclists who decided against using the pavement cycle lane before confronting them at the lights.

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In the sweary 90-second video, which was originally posted on Facebook and later shared on Twitter by the StopKillingCyclists campaign, Mr Cudd films himself honking at the riders before passing them and pointing out the cycle lane before abusing the riders at the traffic lights.

Warning: Contains a fair amount of swearing

The video created an online debate as to who was in the wrong, with some reportedly accusing Mr Cudd of endangering the lives of the cyclists by using his mobile at the wheel, and others accusing the cyclists of dangerous riding for choosing the road over the cycle lane.

The Richmond Cycling Campaign posted under the now deleted video: “We’re asking the Roehampton Safer Neighbourhoods Team to investigate this video, and others have asked Roadsafe to do the same.

“Not only is Mr Cudd wrong in a number of his assertions, but what appear to be a number of close passes, and his clear admission to be using his mobile phone while driving should surely result in some police attention.

“We want the roads in our area to be safe for everyone, however they’re getting around, and whatever they choose to wear – no-one should be exposed to danger or poor road behaviour like this.”

Priory Lane was the same road where cafe owner Jason Wells was filmed verbally abusing and threatening a cyclist in another confrontation about not using the cycle lane.