Driver refused compensation after crashing car while ogling female cyclist

The sight of Vicky Young, 40, cycling through a village in a bikini and short skirt caused a driver to crash into a post box

A motorist attempted to claim compensation from the parents of a female cyclist he was staring at when he crashed his car, but unsurprisingly came away empty handed.

The unnamed driver spotted 40-year-old showjumper Vicky Young riding through her village in a bikini top and short skirt – a distraction that caused him to mount a pavement and clip his wing mirror on a post box.

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In a strange twist to the story, according to the Sun, the driver then visited Ms Young’s parents – former professional footballer Willie and wife Lynda – at the kennels they run demanding compensation.

Upon hearing that their daughter had caused the accident because she was wearing a “bra and a belt”, Ms Young’s mother told the driver “where to go”.

“It’s been hot so why not wear a bikini and skirt? I wanted to get a bit of colour,” she said. “I’m quite flattered someone crashed looking at me.

“But it’s ridiculous he wanted compensation. It might even cost the driver a divorce when his wife finds out how he damaged the car.”