Famous last words: Dan McLay

There’s a reason why the Bretagne-Séché rookie turned to cycling at a young age — he’s useless at all other sports. He’s not so bad at cooking, though

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George, the cat who I live with in Belgium, is a good guy. If I had my own pet, however, it would be a dog. I love George, though.

I like cooking something decent up from time to time. I’m not an obsessive but I don’t mind throwing a meal together. At the moment I’m into salmon tagliatelle. My favourite dish changes from month to month.

This is quite dull for the magazine but I’m a lazy devil. I’m pretty boring when I’m not riding. I don’t do an awful lot. I take it easy and maybe go on the internet. Not that interesting.

It only took me a week to learn how to say everything on the food menu when I moved to Belgium. It’s a good country to live in. There’s the odd thing I miss from home but there are a lot more riders for me to train with here than in England.

I saw a Russian rider somersault over a low wall during a stage at this year’s Tour de l’Avenir [where McLay won a stage]. It was the start of the 10km neutral section as well. It made us all laugh.

I try to stay clear of bike maintenance. I can just about fix a bike but I’d rather leave it to a mechanic otherwise it would cost me a fortune in repairing the bits I’ve broken.

I was terrible with sports that required coordination. I did play rugby for a bit at secondary school and I was alright but that was the exception. I’m poor at most sports.

I’m a big Arctic Monkeys and Kasabian fan.  Especially with Kasabian being from Leicester, where I grew up. I haven’t seen either of them live, though.

I’ve only been to Italy racing but I’d love to see more of it and spend time there. I need to take a few weeks trying out all their local delicacies. It’s not so much the pasta but their general cooking that is amazing.