Tweets of the week: Alex Dowsett, Robert Gesink, Elinor Barker, and more

The best tweets from around the world of cycling this week

As we all know, cyclists and Twitter is often a fantastic combination, allowing the fans a behind the scenes look at what goes on in and around the professional peloton. Here are some of the tweets that caught our eye this week, including ones from Alex Dowsett, Robert Gesink, Elinor Barker and more.

1. It’s best if you don’t ask questions

A post shared by Alex Dowsett (@alexdowsett) on

2. Clumsy “friend”

3. Seems like a reasonable suggestion

4. Wait for it…

5. That’s such a 2005 thing to say

6. Revelatory

7. We’ve all felt a bit like this over the past few days

8. Top skills

9. Enough to keep you awake at night

10. An essential souvenir

We’ll be back in seven days time for more picks from the world of cycling social media.

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