Watch: FDJ rider struggles with treacherous Giro d’Italia descent

Alexandre Geniez slips and slides around the descent from Crosara as he leads the peloton down a steep and wet hill

It was a scene that many an amateur has experienced – a steep descent, a wet surface and a complete lack of control round the corners.

FDJ’s Alexander Geniez led the peloton down the crazy descent from Crosara and missed a couple of corners in the process. Sliding and weaving across the road, Geniez was forced to unclip several times as he struggled to keep his balance.

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First he tried to get in an exaggerated descending position – knee out and bike slanting into the corner – before realising this was a terrible idea. He clipped out of his inside pedal and nearly careered off the side of the road.

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Then he was forced to unclip he other foot on the next corner as he skirted along the grassy banking at the side of the road.

Another misjudgement, a slip of his rear wheel and Geniez nearly crashed into a family of spectators – one little girl dropped the food she was enjoying by the looks of it.

While the slipping and sliding raised a chuckle and a few cheers it’s impressive that the Frenchman even managed to stay upright. Many others, Simon Gerrans and Stef Clement included, weren’t so lucky.