Five cycling jackets I’ve been testing this winter are now cheaper than ever, starting from just $111.49 / £96.00 in the Black Friday weekend sales

The warmest jackets from Rapha, Velocio, dhb, Endura and Pearl Izumi are all on sale right now. Here’s how they stack up

five winter jackets being worn by Stefan and Stefan riding on a forest trail
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Stefan wearing Endura Winter jacket

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Here's a little sneak preview into our upcoming winter jackets grouptest...

There's nine I'm testing in total - but here's five which can currently be grabbed on a Black Friday discount. 

No hints and which is the winner - it might not even be one of these that are on sale(!) - but I'll give a brief overview of the pros and cons of each of the jackets below. Let's whip through!

Winter Jacket Black Friday Deals

dhb Aeron Deep Winter Softshell 2.0

dhb Aeron Deep Winter Softshell 2.0

USA Women's: was $220.00, now $111.49 at Wiggle

USA Men's: was $220.00, now $111.49 at Chain Reaction Cycles

This jacket is super warm - one of the warmest on test. Without a base layer, I'm happy riding down to about 4°C / 39°F. The material is figure hugging but stretchy - no issues with flapping, but easy to pop a baselayer under. 

The big zipper is a plus, as is the double cuff for easy layering with gloves. It's water resistant and has a generous storm flap with reflective detailing at the back. There are jackets which are much more expensive that are warmer and the side-entry zip pockets rather the normal three rear pockets is a shame - but other than that it's a great winter jacket.

UK Women's: was £160.00, now £96.00 at Wiggle

UK Men's: was £160.00, now £96.00 at Wiggle

Velocio Signature Softshell Jacket 

Velocio Signature Softshell Jacket 

USA Women's: was $269.00, now $188.30 at Velocio

USA Men's: was $269.00, now $188.30 at Velocio

Use code BFCM2023

The emphasis is more on the 'shell' than the 'soft' with this jacket. It does have an insulating layer inside - so there's more warmth than with a windshell or a rain cape - but once it gets to 8°C / 46°F I need to pull on a baselayer before heading out on Endurance / Z2 rides. 

So not a deep winter jacket, but a versatile one which might suit your climate and your layering style. Heavily insulated winter jackets can rest unused for large portions of the year - there were even days this summer that the Velocio Signature Softshell would have been handy.

UK Women's: was £217.00, now £151.90 at Velocio

UK Men's: was £217.00, now £151.90 at Velocio

Rapha Pro Team Winter Jacket

Rapha Pro Team Winter Jacket

USA Women's: was $300.00, now $225 at Rapha

USA Men's: was $300.00, now $225 at Rapha

Use code BF2023

Quite similar in temperature range to dhb's Aeron Deep Winter Softshell 2.0, the major difference between them rests in the panels. 

Whereas the Aeron Deep Winter Softshell uses the same fabrics throughout, Rapha's Pro Team Winter Jacket has thinner and more breathable panels in areas out of the wind, and thicker, more insulating panels where you hit the elements head-on. The result is a more comfortable moisture regulation for the same temperature and feeling of warmth. 

The cut is also notably high for a winter jacket, which makes holding an aggressive, aerodynamic position more comfortable with less bunching. Essentially, if you're completing hard intervals as part of your winter training, Rapha is the way to go. If your riding is steadier, then you can save a packet with dhb.

UK Women's: was £230.00, now £172.50 at Rapha

UK Men's: was £230.00, now £172.50 at Rapha

Pearl Izumi PRO Insulated Jacket

Pearl Izumi PRO Insulated Jacket

USA Women's: was $175.00, now $131.25 at Pearl Izumi

USA Men's: was $225.00, now $168.95 at Backcountry

This is a very different design approach to all the others on this list. Whereas the rest go for a 'softer' soft shell, this material is more like that of a packable windshell. 

This is combined with Polartec's Alpha Direct, which is very light, lofty and, well, simply fluffy! An increasing number of brands are using it, and it's very warm for its weight and bulk. 

All together, this makes the Pearl Izumi PRO actually packable! Aside from just wearing it straight, I find it's a great topping layer that I can start with and take off once I warm up - then whip back on in the case of a mechanical or cafe stop (hopefully the latter!)

UK Women's: was £117.00, now £58.50 at Pearl Izumi

UK Men's: was £217.39, now £108.70 at Pearl Izumi

Endura Pro SL 3-Season Jacket

Endura Pro SL 3-Season Jacket

US Men's : was $299.99, now from $104.96 at Backcountry

And finally, the Endura Pro SL. You can think of this as essentially two jackets in one, with a moderately insulated outer jacket (more so than the Velocio Signature Softshell, less so that the Rapha Pro Team Winter Jacket)  - but with an integrated Primaloft Evolve insulating vest that can be added and removed.

This material is very similar to Polartec's Alpha Direct fabric, and is highly insulating for its weight and bulk. Together, I've been happy riding down to temperatures of 3°C / 37°F without an additional base layer. 

UK Men's: was £199.99, now from £100.00 at Endura

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